Ethically, Pasture-raised Lamb Share (Deposit)


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We are very passionate about raising our lambs, and raising them well on over 60 acres of pasture, where we holistically, intensively manage so to have happy, healthy sheep while also regenerating the soil. We strive to do our best to be stewards of the land and wouldn’t have it any other way! Our sheep our Suffolk crosses that thrive on our site and produce delicious meat that is available in our lamb shares. Shares are available by packaged weight (we can help arrange for the slaughter and butcher)at the following prices:

$11lb/whole lamb share

$12lb/half lamb share

$13lb/quarter lamb share

Packaged weight is usually between 40-55lb per lamb.

Our next lamb share is available in late November. We have a limited number available so please put in your $50 deposit today.