Pre-order (Deposit): Ethically, Pasture-Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving 2016


Here at The Little Farm by the Sea, we believe that choosing locally sourced, organically fed and humanely raised meats is beneficial not only to the healthfulness of you, the eater, but also to the ecosystems of which we are all apart and depend on for our future well being.

With that in mind, all of our turkeys are pasture-raised—meaning they are free to roam and eat the grasses and critters that closely mimic what would naturally be available to them in the wild. In addition, when their diets are in need of supplementation they are fed only certified organic feed, meaning that they do not require antibiotics or other drugs to survive, ensuring that the meat you will be eating is devoid of harmful toxins and full of good fats, nutrients, antioxidants and minerals.  The flesh of these birds is also significantly darker, more succulent and is widely considered to have a better flavor profile than their hybrid varieties.

We hope you enjoy your pastured heritage standard bronze turkey.  As a bonus you are getting peace of mind in knowing that these turkeys lead a happy, healthy life before they were respectfully processed.


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